Content Developer for Highwinds
8/2/2010 to 7/2/2012

From 2010 – 2012, I produced online marketing campaigns for 4 brands (IPVanish, Newshosting, UsenetServer and Easynews) while at Highwinds.

As a member of the Online Services team, I developed online marketing strategies for several new products including IPVanish VPN and the Newshosting App. Our efforts increased subscriptions by a significant percent year-over-year.

2011 Accomplishments:

Multivariate Testing:
Number of Experiments: 29

Best Tests:
  1. Easynews Affiliate Test: Landing page redesign increased conversions by 51.4%.
    EN Partner Test Version A EN Partner Test Version B - Winner
    Version A Version B (Winner!)
  2. UsenetServer headline testing increased conversions by 35.6%.
    Changed from “Best Usenet Value Ever” to “Best Quality, Lowest Price” out of 10 potential new headlines.
  3. Newshosting homepage redesign increased conversions by 21% by removing the slides at the top.
    Newshosting Homepage Version A Newshosting Homepage Version B
    Version A Version B (Winner!)
  4. Newshosting headline testing increased conversions by another 21.4%.
    Changed from “Newshosting Usenet Plans” to “Newshosting, Your Usenet Connection” out of 10 potential new headlines.
  5. Newshosting increased conversions by 16.7% by testing button text.
    Changed “Sign Up” to “Start Trial.”

ISPnews.com: 126 New Posts. 218,402 unique visitors, 265,912 pageviews, About 18k monthly visitors.


  1. ROI on 2011 Email Campaigns: 320%
  2. Total Emails Sent: 1,909,893
  3. Average Open Rate: 23.33%
  4. Average Clickthrough Rate: 8.23%
  5. Average Conversion Rate: 17%