Brands I’ve Worked With

Trackers Earth

Services: Paid Search & Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Print & Digital Media Planning, Project Management

  • Currently working with Portland’s best Summer Camp and Outdoor School, promoting youth and adult outdoor adventure programs in Portland and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Agency: Decoder

My projects at Decoder saw an average of 50-200% increases in key metrics, like traffic, leads, sales, and revenue within 90-120 days. I had a chance to work with some talented people and a huge range of clients.

Client: TigerStop

Services: Paid Search Management, SEO, Web Design, Web Development


  • 119% increase in leads (2016 vs. 2015)
  • 20% increase in organic traffic
  • Ranked #1 on Google for niche search terms like Automatic Saw System, Automatic Rip Fence

Client: iPEC Coaching

Services: Conversion Optimization, SEO, Web Design, Print Design, Web Development


  • 714% increase in leads (lifetime)
  • Launched new websites for 6 iPEC brands
  • Ranked in the top #1-5 for most keywords related to programs, training, and certifications for life coaching, executive coaching, corporate coaching, and other coaching disciplines

Client: West Coast Sailing

Services: Conversion Optimization, SEO, Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce


  • 119% increase in revenue from all search channels
  • Revenue from organic search has grown 5.8x
  • Paid search saw a 4.6x increase
  • Website redesign boosted sales 40% YOY

Client: MicroMentor

Services: SEO, Paid Search Management, Web Design, Web Development


  • 966% increase in connections (lifetime)
  • Expansion into new markets: India and Colombia
  • User acquisition and connection rates more than doubled year-over-year since the campaign started
  • More than 5x more users signing up and nearly 10x more connections being made each month.

Seacoast Bank

Seacoast Bank has been around for 90 years, but for the last decade, they’ve been one of the fastest growing companies in Florida. I provide digital marketing support including graphic design, email marketing, copywriting, and content management.

Services: Web Design, Print Design, Email Marketing

  • Design and developed email newsletter templates
  • Design digital and print marketing collateral
  • Web content management

Watermelon Web Works

Services: Web Design, Web Development, SEO, eCommerce

  • Design and developed websites
  • Clients like: Coin-op Games, Green Spa Network, ORCRA, Il Vicino, and Skutt Kilns

Journalism Accelerator

Services: Content Management

  • Published 150+ pieces of content on a strict schedule
  • Grew newsletter audience by 75%


Services: Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Management

  • Increased conversions as much as 51% by A/B testing landing page designs and layouts
  • Headline testing increased conversions by 36%
  • Homepage redesign increased conversions 21%


Services: Email Marketing, Web Design, Web Development

  • Worked with awesome magazine brands like Popular Science, SAVEUR, Field & Stream, ISLANDS, and Parenting magazine
  • Designed and developed banner ads, emails, and landing pages